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Maybe we/ll be there again this year, and if not then there/s always next year... love your bar the cocktails rock, hehe
hugs from Iceland
Sara [Oxy]

March 9 2005 (35) e

kisses from nyc

Been there, done that.. I will be there again.

Take care all of you!

March 2 2005 (34) e

elisabeth s.


I can't wait to see you and your pool bar soon.

Take care

March 2 2005 (33) e


Sorry, 110 per day or per week?

February 24 2005 (32) e
    follow up
Our rates are per night basis.


Hello my friend!

From cold Finland, congratulations! You are a good man. We hope to see you and Karpathos soon again.

We love you..
Hgs from Finland.

February 23 2005 (31) e

Haas Heines

Wishing Nisia a happy and successful New Year! See you in June!! Miss you Karpathos!

December 28 2004 (30) e

Andrea and Veronica

We really miss Ta Nisia and all the fun we had on Karpathos. To us, it is home. We will see you Steve, Esmeralda and Zorianna soon again. You are the greatest on the island. We love your tiki bar as well. We will never forget the 2004 Greek championship at your pool bar. What a night!

We will se you next summer. Happy holidays

December 11 2004 (29) e

John and Maria Mariotti

Hello Jenny and Steve

I hope you are okay. We will definitely see you again next summer. For now, we must freeze like bears. THANK YOU for the great hospitality and Jenny don't let those guys throw you in in the pool again.. you were a great target.. take karate or something.

Our best wishes,

John and Maria

November 14 2004 (28) e


Hello from Austria!

Hello.. Stamatis, Zoriana, Esmeralda, and the cleaning ladies. You guys are very nice. Thank you for everything. See you next year. We had a great time at room 202. The loud ones. Stamatis and Zorianna thanks again for everything.

Your Austrian friends,


October 21 2004 (27) e


Hello Manny & Steve!

It's very nice to see pictures of Nisia and Karpathos! I had a great time this summer!

Best wishes,


October 20 2004 (26) e

Ellen and Howard

Stamatis, Virginia and Anna:

We hope you are all well. We had a gret time at Karpathos. We will come back again next year. Most beautufill rooms on the island.

P.S. As for the bar man ...he is a very funny guy.

October 11 2004 (25) e

Linda S

To all my friends at Nisia..

Stamatis, Manolis, Esmeralda, Zorianna, Virginia, Anna, and the two big dogs Mitso and Pete... Well what can I say.. Thanks for the best vacation.. Will miss you untill next year!!!
Great times are never forgotten.. Good luck to all of you.

Love Linda

October 2 2004 (24) e

Liana & Harry

We had a great time at Karpathos/Nisia again!! Wishing Esmeralda and Theo a great and unforgettable day on October 15th!! A paw for Pete, hope he gets well soon!! Hope to see you all next year, in good health!! Take care.

Luv 2 all. Liana & Harry

September 22 2004 (23) e


Hey guys

How are u.. my two best men in the world?!?
Miss u lots, and cant wait to see u *S*

Take care.. Love you []
kiss Cecilie *S*

BIG KISS to Zoriana

September 18 2004 (22) e

Ronald & Enns

Manoli easy on the jack man.. You are a very nice guy. Take it easy.. Anyway.. great apartments and very friendly staff. Most of all, clean!! Congrats! Most beautiful apartments on the island.

Love you all.

September 15 2004 (21) e